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Afghan rugs are mostly divided in two categories; one traditional afghan rugs; second the "new" Afghan rugs.
Afghan traditional rugs are made in Afghanistan mostly woven with  dark colors, like dark red, dark blue , black and some beige, they are mostly made with wool foundation and has small or lard geometric designs. Most of traditional Afghan rugs are woven by Turkmen and Uzbeks in northern
Part of Afghanistan.

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A Traditional Afghan Bukhara rug from Northern Afghanistan circa 1900’s


New Afghan design rugs were made mostly in Peshawar Pakistan by Afghan refugees during Russian invasion and Afghan civil war, now these rugs are made in Kabul or northern part of Afghanistan. New Afghan rugs called Afghan chobi (vegetable dye) rugs; these rugs are mostly made for American market they have very muted colors, most of these rugs have Persian rug
patterns or modern designs

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Pamir rugs makes its own line of Afghan vegetable dye rugs in Kabul Afghanistan, our rugs are made out of 100% natural dye with handspun wool our rugs are unique and one of a kind, if you shop at Pamir you will get a unique rug that others will not find in some department stores or someone’s warehouse. We don’t buy rugs from Peshawar markets or Indians Bazaars, we make our own exclusive rugs with highest standards. Please see our new rug section.
We custom-make your favorite rug; bring your favorite colors and design or choose from hundred designs and colors available at Pamir we will make the right size rug especially for you. Not many rug dealers can do that.  

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