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Every home-décor must start with area rugs.

We always recommend our clients to start their home decoration with area rugs, it will be much easier to match your draperies and furniture with oriental rugs than vice versa, we have over 20 years experience in rug business; finding a rug to match their draperies and furniture that are already bought is problematic.
Adding area rug at the end of decoration is a mistake most interior designers make. The result will be ending up with pale, dull and boring colors, because most interior designers are not able or not willing to spend time to decorate around a colorful handmade rug.
So when it comes to handmade rugs you don’t need to pay a high fee to designers, we do it for no charge. Considering your budget we offer you the best quality handmade rug at reasonable price, because we make and import our rugs directly from overseas we pass the saving to you.  We even custom order your favorite rug in your desired sizes.

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