Wecome to Pamir rugs of Monterey

Chinese rug

Like most sorts of oriental rugs Chinese rugs fall into two basic categories; one, old and antique Chinese rugs with Chinese designs and motives second the new Chinese rugs made with mostly Persian designs for American and European markets.
Authentic Chinese rugs are made in Patow, Peking, Kalgan, Shanghai and Tientsin regions.
In the province of Shantung famous for its raw silk of the same name, rugs are made of both silk and wool; in the native land of silk it would naturally be used for rug-making.
The pattern used by the Chinese in their rugs are much older than the technique, and are not peculiar to rugs as other countries, instead they borrow motives which are familiar in the decoration of porcelain, lacquer, jade, bronze, and Ivory.
The pattern seen in older the older Chinese rugs are often symbols with particular meaning. They may be divided into three groups; ancient Chinese symbols in general, and two religious groups Buddhist and Taoist.

Chinese rug Los
A traditional Chinese Peking

chinese monterey

Antique Chinese rug with Birds and butterfly motives

denver rug

An antique Chinese rug with bat motives


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