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Antique Caucasian Moghan Kazak rug circa 1850's

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This rug is one of a kind authentic Caucasian rug circa 1850's, it has been profisionally washed and cleaned small worn out spots been rewoven

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4' x 10' Circa 1850s Caucasian Moghan
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About this Oushak Afghan Palace Size Rug

This particular rug is designed based on a prehistoric rug with adjusted color combination and design correction to fit today's market. This is a newly made rug with beauty, texture and value of an antique rug without imperfection that are associated with antique rugs.
Brand New poppy red 9x12 hand made hand woven rug from Pamir Rugs the online discount rug cneter site

 The largest group of the Caucasian rugs are Kazaks of various types. These are rugs made in south central Caucasus, stretching from Erivan in Armenia to Tiflis in Georgia.  Kazaks were produced both as high-piled rugs from mountain areas and as low-piled rugs from the valleys, villages and settlements, many of which have their own easily recognizable characteristics and elements.
Known for their bold designs and bright harmonious colors and good quality dyes, some of the most spectacular geometrically designed rugs found anywhere in the east originated here.

Note: New Kzak rugs are made mostly in Afghanistan these days; new Kazaks  they don't have the quality and values of original of Kazaks.

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Antique Collectable Caucasian Moghan Kazak

Caucasian antique moghan kazak

Rug #16-3668

Size 3'10" x 10' 2"

Rug Type Antique

Material? 100% Wool

Pile 100% Wool

Dye Vegetable/Natural Dye

Height of pile (thickness)? Medium

Origin Caucasess

Retail Value $ 12,0000

Design Moghan

Age 1850's

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History and Fabric

Caucasian rugs come from mountains region between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.
In 1813 it was conquered by Russians before it belonged to Persia.
In the course of time many different people have settled in the caucuses; Turkoman tribe from Central Asia, Turks, Persians and Armenians.
Part of the effect has been the region to many different tribes and tongues.
 Yet in spite of this, Caucasian rugs have many features in common, whether they were made north or south of the mountains which divides the region to preserve its traditional patterns and colors.
The Turkish knot (Ghiordes knots) is used everywhere, and the rugs are usually knotted on a foundation of wool rarely of cotton.
The dominate colors in Caucasian rugs are red, blue, yellow green and ivory, some brown is also used.
The patterns have a definite geometrical tendency.
The main features of the design from coherent pattern while the minor pattern has no connection with one another.
Stars, squares and swastikas are from large part of decoration.
It is not unusual to come across flowers, animals or human beings.
These are also geometric in design very angular and hard to identify.

An Eagle Kazak Caucasian rug from Caucasus area.
Some Basic Facts about Caucasian Rugs

  • All caucasian rugs are made with the Turkish or Giordes knot
  • "Kazak" carpets are not from Kazakstan (which is on the other side of the Caspian Sea) - but are from an area in what is now Armenia.
  • The colors of older Caucasian Rugs are mostly made from natural materials found in the respective tribal regions.

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4' x 10' long
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