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what is Antique Rug?

The term of antique or old rugs are referred to rugs from early twentieth century or earlier. Any rugs from 1920’s or earlier considered antique rug, in Oriental rug business any handmade rugs from 1930-1980s called semi antique. Antique rugs usually are much more expansive than new rugs. Antique rugs do not go by amount of knots per square inch or tightness of its weave. The value of antique rugs are based first by its age and then by design, condition, color-combination and origin. In Oriental rug trade antique rugs like any other antique items the uniqueness of the rug sets its value. Almost all antique rugs are associated with at least or some wear and tear, weakness of material, discoloration, loss ends, prior repairs, curvy shape, low pile… if you like the look, feeling, workmanship and value of the antique rugs but do not like the imperfection and flaws in the rug we suggest you  to buy vegetable dye rugs from Afghanistan. 
Today Afghan rug makers make the best possible rugs with vegetable dye, hand-spun wool, unique and vibrant colors and designs. These rugs are made the way the real oriental rugs were made hundreds of years ago, without use of any chemicals, any or very little use of machineries and environmentally friendly.

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