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New vegetable dye Handmade Rug from Afghanistan

New vegetable dye Handmade Rug from Afghanistan

We direct import top quality handmade rugs from around the world, among all new rugs Afghan vegetable dye is our specialty, we manufacture our own line of vegetable dye rugs with hand sup wool in Afghanistan.
What quality rugs we carry?

Afghan Vegetable (chobi) dye rugs Woven by talented Afghan weavers in ancient method, made of fine natural handspun wool and vegetable /natural dye; finely woven on organic cotton foundation. This is one of Pamir collection rug that is produced by Noori Co. in Kabul Afghanistan. For over a decade Pamir imports and designs its own fine line of rugs from Afghanistan. This particular rug is designed based on a prehistoric rug with adjusted color combination and design correction to fit today's market. This is a newly made rug with beauty, texture and value of an antique rug without imperfection that are associated with antique rugs. Cotton foundation (warp) is used to prevent shrinkage during or after washing, handspun wool "weft" is used to increase longevity in the life of this rug. This rug is also prewashed to even out colors and preclude color-bleeding after its use.

Knots count: Our Afghan vegetable dye rugs are made based on Importance of prehistoric Oriental and Persian rugs. In today’s rug trade QUALITY of Afghan vegetable or chobi dye rugs are not described by amount of knots per square inch. However almost all of our Afghan vegetable dye rugs (Except Kazak Designs) are made on 34/40 quality, which is the highest quality in Afghan vegetable dye rugs. (34 double knots horizontal in 10Cm. and 40 lines vertical in 10Cm.)

We can custom made your favorite rugs.
How we make your favorite rugs?
First we need to pick your favorite design followed by colors and size, then based on your budget we pick the quality of your rug that means how many knots per square inch, more knots better quality and more money. Depend on the size and quality of the rug it will take from three months to six months for a rug to be complete, off course over size rugs may take longer. Once your rug is finished we can choose the thickness of the rug as you desire, from very low pile or almost no pile to very high and cushy pile or thickness of the rug bear in mind that thickness of rug usually don’t mean anything as far as quality of the rug is concerns.

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