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Rug Education

Learn more about rug care, browse our knowledge base and find the best way to choose your rug.

Choosing the right rug

Buying rug tips - Buying Oriental rug is a big investment, if a quality rug is bought it will last for years to come and you can pass it on to your children even grand children.

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Rug Care

If you own a handmade oriental rug most likely it’s a valuable piece of art. Here are a few simple steps to take to prolong the life of your rug.

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What is Oriental Rug?

The term oriental rugs or carpets simply mean rugs from east. But it is usually applied to hand-knotted rugs, produced anywhere from southern Europe to south Asia.

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What are Kilims, Kelims or Gelims?

The word kilims simply mean flat woven rugs, or rugs without a knotted pile. Kilims are not knotted instead the tread or yearn are woven in flat manner on the warp strings, so they don’t have pile.

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About Vegetable/Natural dye

Vegetable dye refers to type of dye that rug makers used until late 19th century, vegetable colors are made strictly from roots and leaves of plants, fruit shells or anything related to trees and from natural minerals.

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Handspun Wool

This refers to wool that was processed, twisted and turned into yarn all by hand.

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