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Where I can Clean my Rugs?

Where I can Clean my Rugs?

We at Pamir Rugs Professionally Wash and Clean your heirloom Rugs.

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Delicate Precision Wash Process

Just some of the process of doing a precision cleaning includes: Dusting for dry, minute' soil particles using special vacuum machines - Skilled Washing Decontamination – remember that carpets get all kinds of soils, odors and contamination from sources such as urine, mold, mildew and even insects - Careful and precise rinsing to wash away soils and cleaning agents - Carefully Monitored Drying Final touches that include careful spotting if needed afterwards in order to remove all foreign matter, paying special attention to preserving the integrity of fibers and dyes.

Some of our customers thought they would be saving money by cleaning their rugs themselves, but they actually end up paying way more money to try and have it color corrected through a fix process that involves color bleeding and washing and re-drying the rugs properly. Once you do that, even a professional is hard pressed to get the exact same 'Showroom' color vibrancy, detail and dynamics precisely as it originally was designed. It's like stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime. Remember, the high-quality rugs you get from Pamir Rugs and not the cheap carpets you might find at a WalMart or Cosco,. Pamir Rugs are high-quality elegant hand woven, hand designed and hand made using mostly 100% wool and precise vegetable dyes. Plus you need to realize, every rug is different from each other; every rug needs a special caring and handling technique. We at Pamir rugs wash your rugs, pick up and deliver them to you at your satisfaction. So next time you think about saving money by simply trying it yourself, don't try to deduct the costly expense of an experiment from your valuable rug. Once it's done, it's done! 


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