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Rug Care

If you own a handmade oriental rug most likely it’s a valuable piece of art. Here are a few simple steps to take to prolong the life of your rug.

  • Vacuum your rugs more often - depends to the amount of traffic, vacuum your rug at least once a week so your rug should be clean from dust or any small materials that may get into the pile of your rug.
  • Wash your rug - again depends to the amount of traffic wash your rug at least every two years, we recommend you contact a established oriental rug store in your area. Keeping your rug clean will prevent future moth-damage and prolong the age of your rug.
  • Use a good quality rug pad - a good quality rug pad will protect your rug from gravels or any small material that slides between your rug and hardwood or tile floor, small gravels will break the foundation of your rug when people walk on it.
  • Rotate your rug once a while - if your rug get direct sunlight rotate it once in a while so one side don’t get faded than the other.
  • Clean your rug right away - if you spell something on your rug, clean it with a wet cloth right away, make sure you wipe the wet spot from the smooth side of pile (don't go against the pile, it will jumble the pile of your rug); call us for hand-wash.

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