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What are Kilims, Kelims or Gelims?

The word kilims simply mean flat woven rugs, or rugs without a knotted pile. Kilims are not knotted instead the tread or yearn are woven in flat manner on the warp strings, so they don’t have pile. Unlike hand-knotted rugs kilims have more than just floor covering use.
Kilims are a wonderful way of bringing vibrant colors and patterns to the wall and floors; they possess unusual ability to define spaces, adding warmth and texture.
In countries of origin, making pillows and rugs, hanging on the wall for decoration, using as table-sheets are a few ways to use kilims.

Pile in oriental rugs is the raised surface which is made of upright loops or strands of yarn.
When weaver ties the knots the excess of yarn makes the pile of the carpet, after making the rug or during weaving weavers clip the extra part of the yarn.
Height of the pile in oriental rugs does not make the quality of the rug. After weaving the rug it's up to the rug-maker if they want to leave the pile higher or cut it shorter. Usually shorter the pile means higher amount of knots per square inch.

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