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Rug Pad

We carry the best quality rug pad for your hardwood and carpet floors.

Having a good quality rug pad is a must; any area rug without a good quality rug-pad will slide and move around on hardwood floor, rugs that are not stable on floor will wear much faster and is very dangerous for people who walk on it. We recommend a good quality robber pad if you have hardwood or tile floor; a two sided rug-pad will help your rug to be more stable on carpeting floor. Again we recommend a GOOD QUALITY RUG PAD to be used specially if you have hardwood-floor, a cheap or low quality rug pad will leave a dark mark on your hardwood floor after a few months of us; these dark marks are very hard to be removed, beside that having a rug pad protect your rug from any material like sand or gravel if slides under your rug, a small gravel can break the foundation of your handmade rug and also will scratch your hardwood floor.

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