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Rug Repair

We at Pamir Rugs professionally fix and repair your heirloom rugs that have Sentimental value to you and your family.

We are specialized in reweaving, blocking, edging, fringing, refurbish pile, refreshing colors, washing and deodorizing of all kind of antique rugs.

Fixing a Heriz Serapi rug step by step

Rug repair - step 1

Here we put new foundation.
New foundation must be put exactly where the old ones were line by line.

Rug repair - step 2

here the damaged part is rewoven line by line.

Rug repair - step 3

Sheering the woven part

Rug repair - step 4
Rug repair - step 5

working on details

Rug repair - step 6

The design and colors in the back side must match as the front side

Rug repair - step 7

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